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With MEDDI you get time
for the essentials

Get in touch with your doctor whenever you need him or her via a regular call, chat or video call. Simply, safely and quickly.

Time to

Official partner of the Masaryk Cancer Institute and the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University

For your time. For your health

Why sit in a waiting room when you can spend your time doing what fulfills you? MEDDI allows you to establish a secure connection with your doctor when and where you need it. Experience 21st century medical care!

  • Secure and encrypted connection to your doctor via call, video call or chat
  • Fast professional help including a second opinion whenever you need it
  • Confirmations, prescriptions and applications can be easily arranged online, without unnecessary delays
  • MEDDI is available on all popular platforms. In the basic version for free

MEDDI application

Doctor on hand at all times. On your phone and on your computer

At home on your tablet, in the office on your computer or on the go from your mobile? It's up to you which way you choose to connect with your doctor. MEDDI supports all popular platforms and is fully responsive.

Safely and comfortably

Application with superior care

MEDDI is easy to use, fast and absolutely secure thanks to advanced encryption. No data is sent to third parties - so your data stays between you and your doctor.

User data

Health and fitness data from smart devices, in one place, ready to share with your doctor

Connecting MEDDI with Google Fit, Health Kit (Apple Health) and other similar services allows data from relevant connectable devices to be used according to current data processing standards. MEDDI offers users the opportunity to have their data assessed by a doctor and thus provide them with a better picture of their fitness, health status and the overall trend of their lifestyle. All data is under the full control of users.

Anytime and for everyone

MEDDI is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All in one place

We work with an extensive network of doctors and hospitals, which we are constantly expanding. This makes it easy to find the right specialist for whatever is troubling you.

Uncompromising security

Only your doctor can see information about you. All communications and data provided are subject to thorough security and encryption. We are constantly improving the security of the app in cooperation with the National Cyber and Information Security Authority.

Trust of partners

We cooperate with a number of major employers. This makes the app more accessible and continuously improving.

Selected news

Higher productivity, happier employees

With MEDDI, your employees will have more time to work and rest. You'll have a happier, healthier and more productive team as a result.

  • Increase your attractiveness on the job market with a unique benefit.
  • Confirmations, requests or prescriptions are processed quickly and securely online by your staff.
  • The app interface is fully translated into 15 world languages.
  • We can create a tailor-made solution for any company. Even with professional training.
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Try MEDDI for yourself

Installing and setting up the app is a matter of a few clicks. So why waste time?


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