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Nurses interface

A modern tool reducing the administrative burden on nurses and a direct communication tool with patients.

MEDDI saves...

By digitizing a wide range of processes and tasks, MEDDI helps reduce the administrative burden on staff and increases patient comfort. Thanks to modern technology, employees have time to do the essentials.

  • Automatic appointment for examination
  • Doctor appointment reminders directly on the patient's phone
  • Transfer of medical records
  • And a number of other useful features (automatic completion of applications, comments on individual cases, data export, ...)
  • The result is a reduction in the number of calls to the surgery
Calm at

Safely and comfortably

Intuitive controls save time

For example, we automatically fill in application forms, send questionnaires and educational materials to patients according to the diagnosis code.

MEDDI application

Modern and safe
communication with patients using
computers and smartphones.
Welcome to the 21st century

The result is a perfect overview of patient requirements, easy check-in and freeing the hands of the medical staff.

Try MEDDI for yourself

Installing and setting up the app is a matter of a few clicks. So why waste time?


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