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Remote health measurement using the MEDDI application and front or main camera
smart phone - i.e. using digital photoplethysmography.

Measurement of health status

In about one minute

In approximately one minute you can measure your blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability (raw SDNN and/or RRi data), oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, sympathetic tension, parasympathetic activity and pulse-respiratory quotient. All analysis is performed in-house.

New feature of the app

How does MEDDI BioScan work?

MEDDI BioScan is an integrated algorithm in the MEDDI app where it extracts health measurements from a continuous video image of exposed skin on the surface of the human face using hardware already built into the phone. The image is analyzed using advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, including computer vision and signal processing technology. The results will be displayed immediately after the measurement.

Safe and comfortable

Digital photoplethysmography

For non-contact data acquisition, the technology in MEDDI BioScan uses rPPG (remote photoplethysmographic imaging). rPPG is a camera-based solution for non-contact cardiovascular monitoring that has been shown to be as accurate as traditional PPG devices. The technology used in MEDDI BioScan measures changes in red, green and blue light reflected from the skin and quantifies the contrast between specular and diffuse reflection.

A backup contact solution

Contact PPG

For phones with a worse front camera, or in poor light conditions, MEDDI BioScan uses the technology of a backup contact solution. The contact-based solution acquires a PPG signal when users place their finger on the smartphone's rear camera. MEDDI BioScan automatically recognizes when conditions are not ideal for non-contact rPPG extraction and suggests the use of extraction based on contact with the smartphone's main camera

The MEDDI BioScan function is not a medical device according to current legislation.
Measurements obtained using the MEDDI BioScan function are indicative only.

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