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We are changing the world of medicine.
Since 2016

MEDDI hub, a.s., is a purely Czech company that has been developing the MEDDI telemedicine solution for more than five years. The goal is to bring medicine into the 21st century and we believe in the project so much that we have already invested hundreds of millions of crowns in it.

Basic idea
Change health care
as we know it.
Application development
Beginning of development, analysis of available solutions.
Legislative conditions
Identifying potential obstacles.
Completion of development
Testing with, dozens of doctors on thousands of cases.
Starting the project
Launching the app in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We become an official partner of the Ministry of Medical Sciences for telemedicine.
Entering new markets
We are launching MEDDI in Latin America and Hungary.
Expansion into new markets
Launch SK, HU, LATAM

We're doing telemedicine

We save time for patients and doctors. Thanks to the direct connection via the MEDDI app, we transfer the necessary medical information easily, quickly and without unnecessary administrative burden.

  • We offer an intuitive, fast solution with a modern and user-friendly design.
  • All communication between patients and doctors is secured to the maximum extent possible.
  • We make it easy to manage the patient's chart, make appointments with the doctor.
  • We automate the collection and processing of medical documents.
  • We are thus creating a unique platform that makes it possible to conduct medical consultations virtually anytime and anywhere.

The results are in

Within MEDDI, we have already partnered with hundreds of companies, more than 5,000 doctors, and care for the health of over 400,000 users.

  • The average response time is 6 minutes.
  • We currently have 15 language versions.
  • We cooperate with all insurance companies in the Czech Republic.
  • Already over 90,000 patients treated, an average of 80 per day.
  • We are present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Latin America.
  • We are going to Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Germany and by 2023 we want to cover the whole CEE region.

Try MEDDI for yourself

Installing and setting up the app is a matter of a few clicks. So why waste time?