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A smart app that thinks about the whole hospital

With MEDDI, hospitals save an average of 30 minutes per patient. Administrative tasks, communication with patients and less demanding examinations are simply carried out online.

Already working with us

These healthcare facilities have already put their trust in our MEDDI telemedicine solution.

Patients and doctors always in the loop

By digitizing a wide range of processes and tasks, MEDDI will help reduce unnecessary patient turnover in the hospital. Its employees will have more time to do the essentials.

  • A smoother running hospital means happier and better rested employees.
  • Visual checks, medication dosage adjustments and many other tests can be performed directly in the MEDDI interface without a physical visit.
  • The app allows hospitals to triage or pandemic mode - all complemented by a fully automated notification system for doctors and patients.
  • The work performed by physicians in the application interface can be reported to insurance companies.
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Telemedicine is the medicine of tomorrow

A number of physical visits can easily be replaced by an online
connection. How does it work?

MEDDI application

Patient care in the 21st century? On the phone and on the computer

Using your mobile phone, in the office via computer or on a business trip... It's up to you which way and time you choose to connect with your patients. MEDDI supports all popular platforms (Android, iOS, PC) and is fully responsive.

Safely and comfortably

An app with intuitive controls

MEDDI is easy to use, fast and absolutely secure thanks to advanced encryption. No data is sent to third parties - so your data stays between you and your patients.

Functions of the MEDDI MD application

In the basic version, the app is completely FREE, plus it offers doctors the option of additional income from telemedicine.

Digitization of documents

A simple way to digitize medical records from other facilities by converting photographs taken of documents into text and the ability to copy entire passages without lengthy transcription.


Clear display of events, setting of time scenarios and surgery times, connection with NIS and AIS, management and editing of created events.


The possibility of creating instructions for patients and medical staff in a uniform visual style of the medical facility in the form of videos and instructions.

Medication and vaccination record

Available at any time from your phone or computer, a clear record of the patient's medication history and all vaccinations in one place.

Educational materials

Sharing of educational materials with patients (videos, pdf files, links to websites, etc.), possibility to share sets of materials based on patient diagnosis code. Optional quality assessment of educational materials, comments, patient notification is key.

Issuing applications

Simplifying patient care, reducing the administrative burden on staff, pre-populated patient data.

Easy implementation, simpler administration

MEDDI is already relied upon by a number of medical institutions, such as the Masaryk Cancer Institute or St. Anne's University Hospital.

  • Applications and confirmations are automatically pre-populated. Medical reports and patient records are secured in accordance with modern trends and legislation.
  • The filing cabinet and orders are fully digitized. MEDDI is also fully compatible with STAPRO's hospital system. MEDDI reminds patients of their appointments and, if necessary, guides them to the door of the relevant department.
  • The app is adapted for patients with medical limitations such as colour blindness or limited mobility. It is also available in 15 languages.
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MUDr. Jiří Šedo, Deputy Director of the Masaryk Cancer Institute
1. lis 2021
For us, the app means a new communication channel that is secure and transparent. The whole app is tailored to what we need.


What do doctors say about MEDDI?

"We've had fewer phone calls and can better schedule client appointments with this app, find out information about clients ahead of time and, as a result, examine more clients."

MUDr. Petr Malenka, Ph.D.

Deputy Head of the Department of Occupational Medicine, FNUSA

Try MEDDI for yourself

Installing and setting up the app is a matter of a few clicks. So why waste time?


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