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A smart app that thinks about the whole hospital

With MEDDI, hospitals save an average of 30 minutes per patient. Administrative tasks, communication with patients and less demanding examinations are simply carried out online.

Patients and doctors always in the loop

By digitizing a wide range of processes and tasks, MEDDI will help reduce unnecessary patient turnover in the hospital. Its employees will have more time to do the essentials.

  • A smoother running hospital means happier and better rested employees.
  • Visual checks, medication dosage adjustments and many other tests can be performed directly in the MEDDI interface without a physical visit.
  • The app allows hospitals to triage or pandemic mode - all complemented by a fully automated notification system for doctors and patients.

Patient care in the 21st century? On the phone and on the computer

Using your mobile phone, in the office via computer or on a business trip... It's up to you which way and time you choose to connect with your patients. MEDDI supports all popular platforms (Android, iOS, PC) and is fully responsive.

  • Un centro de salud que funciona mejor, tiene empleados más felices y descansados.
  • The application allows health institutions to work on a hybrid system of attention and management, all complemented by a fully automated notification system.
  • The use of MEDDI contributes to achieve better indicators in the quality of health services of the Institutions, achieving a better use of resources.

An app with intuitive controls

MEDDI is easy to use, fast and absolutely secure thanks to advanced encryption. No data is sent to third parties - so your data stays between you and your patients.

Safe and comfortable

Application with intuitive control

MEDDI se maneja fácilente, es rápida y gracias a su cifrado avanzado es absolutely segura. No se rivíaan datos a terceso, por lo que los datos permanente entre los profesionales y sus pacientes.

Try MEDDI for yourself

Installing and setting up the app is a matter of a few clicks. So why waste time?