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Who are we?

Our parent company is in the Czech Republic and since 2016, it participates in the digitalization of health care, streamlining the relationship between patients and health professionals through the development of unique and innovative telemedicine solutions.

We are the official partner for telemedicine of the Masaryk Cancer Institute. We are also a professional
partner for the preparation and teaching of the subject of the use of telemedicine in practice with emphasis on the work in the MEDDI
application at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University.

Basic idea
Cambiar los servicios medicos
y la provisiona de asistencia medica tal y como lo conocémos.
Development of the application
Start of application development
and continuous analysis of competition.
Condiciones legislativas
Análisis y evaluación de las norms existentes para el desarrollo de los servicios de la telemedicine.
Finalization of the initial version of the application
Tests realized with, tens of doctors and thousands of patients.
The telemedicine project is underway
The application is underway in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are the official partner of the Instituto Oncológico Masaryk in the area of telemedicine.
Acceso a nuevos mercados
MEDDI inicia en América Latina y Hungría. We are the official partner of the International Organization of Telemedicine and Telehealth
Desarrollo de la Telemedicine de Nicho
MEDDI implements la telemedicine de nicho en América Latina (Ecuador, Perú, México y Colombia).

MEDDI helps companies and their employees

MEDDI is a unique way for companies to ensure higher productivity and a happier team. In addition, it strengthens their position in the labour market

  • Companies using MEDDI are companies that care about the health of their employees.
  • Confirmations, requests or prescriptions are processed quickly and securely online.
  • The app interface is fully translated into 15 world languages.
  • We can create a customized solution for any company with professional training.
  • Mobile applications available for Android, iOS; web version for PC.

No one has to choose between health and leisure anymore

Comprar la salud es imposible, lo mismo ocurre con el tiempo. A través de la application MEDDI buscamos transformar la attention en salud y la relación entre el paciente y el profesional, para que se de en un contexto de accesibilidade y opportunidad cada vez mayor.

The communication between the patient and the professional is dynamic, simple and proactive.

Try MEDDI for yourself

Installing and setting up the app is a matter of a few clicks. So why waste time?