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The MEDDI application complies with the European MDR standard

MDR sustituye a MDD: nuevo Reglamento europeo de productos sanitarios

The objective of the MDR is to improve significantly the quality, security and reliability of health products and the mechanisms of monitoring the market of health products.

  • The audit successfully demonstrated that MEDDI hub as is prepared for the MDR norms
  • The MEDDI application complies with the MDR regulation

es una obligation, no un deber

Complir los crícios del MDR es un compromiso, no sólo una obligación

Nos comprometemos a guarantier que todas nuestras solucións cumplan los requisites pertinentes del MDR de acuerdo con los periodos de transición correspondentes. A partir de ahora, para siempre.

  • The quality is verified continuously by means of independent audits
  • We constantly guarantee security and reliability of our applications

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